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Other Persuasion Material

Advocates for Self-Government - Libertarian educational organization bringing about a freer world by discovering new libertarians, changing the political map, and helping libertarians become powerful and persuasive communicators.

Ask Dr. Ruwart - Dr. Mary Ruwart, a leading expert in libertarian communication and author of the international bestseller Healing Our World, provides or your "tough questions" on libertarian issues

Liberator OnLine - Free, bi-weekly newsletter for libertarians. Includes short news stories, communication tips, and answers to your questions. Great Web Site I just found. Very Similar to this one. Takes common objections and answers them. Generally a bit more academic than this site is, but it does cover many, many questions. I plan to use it as a starting point to prepare more persuasive answers.

Ask the Debate Coach Preparing your case for a competitive debate season? Looking for evidence you can use to deliver a body blow to the other side? In the world of debate, persuasive evidence and the ability to anticipate the other side's arguments are the keys to success. Simply state your question as clearly and succinctly as possible, and make sure to include your name and the name and city of the high school you attend. You should receive an answer in 48 hours.

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