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    Libertarianism has such a strong, robust, and consistent philosophical background that libertarians, in a debate or discussion, tend to defend themselves with discussions of natural rights and objectivism.   The sad fact is that, few people care about the rights and freedom of others. Most of us care only about the rights and freedoms that affect our own lives.
    This leads us to an unfortunate conclusion: preaching to people about your natural rights or your constitutional liberties probably won't change anyone's mind.
    This webpage is dedicated to helping libertarians getting around that particular problem.  If we learn to talk to people in their own language, address their concerns, show how libertarian ideas can solve the problems in their personal lives then the amount of people accepting libertarian ideas and demanding libertarian government should greatly increase.
    Understand me, I am not saying we should ignore our philosophical background our alter our principles.  I am trying to alter the presentation of our ideas.  Some will like our ideas and be able to explore the ideas in a more substantive manner.  But the public does not have to understand our fundamental philosophy to support our goals, and this page is to help you reach out to those people.
    This idea is not new and has been advocated by many prominent and not so prominent libertarians.  This is intended to be a cheat sheet for reference.

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