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Drug Legalization

This can be the most controversial of the libertarian positions. People who support Prohibition usually support it for several common reasons. They believe the world will be more dangerous or their children will be more likely to get involved with drugs. These responses will try to show them how the world will be safer as a result of relegalizing drugs.

NORML The granddaddy of the drug legalization movement
November Coalition This is a group of people whose families have been negatively affected by the War on Drugs.
The Case for Legalization Academic Paper on the failuress of the Drug War
Drug War Facts Speaks for itself
Drug Library Online Very similar to the page above.
Mock Debate The DEA offers advice on how to debate legalization advocates. Not a joke.

Shattered Lives Puts a very human face on the reality and costs of the Drug War. Tells the stories of children orphaned and property seized as first-time nonviolent drug offenders are thrown in prison. It isn't just a story book. It comes with hard facts and statistics

Drug Crazy The history of the Drug War. Comes highly recommended. detailing the cost of this war and discusses ways to end it.

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