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The Daily Libertarian

All the News that's Fit to Print, but Probably Wasn't

The idea behind this page is to have one page where you can check to see what is going on in all sorts of libertarian publications every day.  I may include any other news articles I come across that may be of general interest or didn't get the attention I think they should have.  If I find a cool webpage I may post that here as well.  Who knows?  I am making this up as I go along.  As usual, if you have any ideas let me know.

May 3, 2000
Party labels aren't what they used to be. (Christian Science Monitor) If your friends think there is a difference between the two parties.
Cyber-crime Solution has Bugs (Wired)
Cyber Alert (Media Research Center)
Scouting the Issue (Cato Institute)
Ch-ch-ch-changes (
Raising cigarette taxes reduced revenue and increased smuggling in New York state -- so the state raised taxes even higher (NCPA)
Federal wiretapping has nearly doubled (USA Today)

May 2, 2000
The Environmental Movement: Running out of Gas (Cato Institute)
The Borking of Gates (Mises Institute)
A Million Moms can be Wrong (
No New Gas Taxes (Washington Times)
Cyber Alert (Media Research Center)

May 1, 2000
The Right to Bigotry (
Cyber Alert (Media Research Center)
Ban Guns, Ban Safety (
Voters sue over election lies (The Times) What a great idea this is.
Closing the Trust Gap on Education? (Cato Institute)
Break up Microsoft? (Mises Institute)
Britain Plans to Build Internet Surveillance Centre (Reuters)

April 29, 2000
Lott to Pharmacies: Find a way to reduce your prices, or we'll do it for you. (Robert Novak)
Probably the healthiest drink in the world (UK Telegraph)--They're talking about beer
Right Tactics, Wrong Cause (Mises Institute)

April 28, 2000
Grim Net Censorship Report (Wired News)
Don't "Save" Social Security (Cato Institute)
Why Hippies Loved the VW Bug (The Mises Institute)
Liberty vs. Power (
Cyber Alert (Media Research Center)
CNN's Dishonest Hillary "Town Meeting" (Media Research Center)
US Census: Long, Dumb, Paranoid Form (Reason Magazine)

April 27, 2000
Going down to South Park (Reason Magazine)
Fields of Glory (Reason Magazine)
Pump up the Volume (
Cyber Alert (Media Research Center)
On the Origins of the Long Boom (Cato Institute)
Social Security's Bankruptcy will Force Benefit's Cuts (National Center for Policy Analysis)
Understanding the Passions of Cuban Americans (The Daily Objectivist)

April 26, 2000
Harry Browne in Trouble (LibertyWire) -- PS He is OK now, but feel free to donate anyway.
Thinking About Drinking (Reason Magazine)
Sprawl for Me, But Not for The (Cato Institute)
Clifton's "omissions" on gun accidents (
Cyber Alert (Media Research Center)
Magazine Watch (Media Research Center)
Dan Rather, Stenographer to Power (Media Research Center)
Federal agencies issued 4,538 rules last year (National Center for Policy Analysis)
Truth or Consequences (The Daily Objectivist)

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