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Letters to the Editor


    The idea of this section is to use to leverage the power of the internet to try and improve and increase the effectiveness of our outreach in terms of letters to the editor.  Here is how I see it working.  Someone will write a letter to the editor and send me a copy. An email or a Word attachment are fine.  I'll post it here by topic and/or date and then anyone can copy it and submit it to their local/regional papers. If you read a good editorial and get the author's permission you can send that in as well.  I won't go into what a great outreach tool letters to the editor can be, but I will provide these links to help out any aspiring letter writers.

Perfect Letters to the Editor
Revolution's Letters to the Editor Tips (the rest of the site is impressive as well)
Turning Press Releases into Publicity
Addresses for almost every Newspaper in the world - Indexed by Country and State

The rest of this page will be up to you. I am sure there are already some letters on topics like letting Libertarians into the debate, for example.