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Environmental Talking Points

As usual, the trick is to show them how the environment would be cleaner with a free market than with government control.

Some Facts if you think they might help.

The Boston Globe did a series of articles detailing Government environmental abuses.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
The Sacramento Bee also did a series of articles on the abuses of the environmental movement.Very Interesting. tracks the environmental movement with a skeptical eye. also look sinto the environmental movement.
Myths and Facts About the Environment
The End of the Effluent Society A good Washington Times Article
Al Gore is no Conservationist
Giving Thanks A Cato collection of essays showing that things are okay afterall
Overcoming Green Guilt An essay showing how economic progress equals environmental progress
Environmental Gore A response to "Earth in the Balance" The perfect gift for your favorite liberal.
Environmental Phonies PJ O'Rourke at his best skewering the Rio Earth Summit.

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