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THE BIG ISSUES Constitutionalists
Waging illegal unconstitutional wars (example: Kosovo) No
Violating the national sovereignty of otherwise peaceful nations No
Yielding up our own sovereignty to unaccountable unconstitutional globalist institutions (example: WTO) No
Continuing the Bush, Sr./Clinton policy of mindless international interventionism (examples: Somalia, Haiti) No
Continuing the Bush, Sr./Clinton policy of craven and abject appeasement of Red China No
Granting permanant MFN status/ WTO membership to Red China No
Providing the lion's share of both men and material needed for the defense of our now equally prosperous and capable allies in Europe and Asia, even though the Cold War is over No
Provoking a wounded Russia by aggressively seeking Western hegemony in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia No
Subsidizing with US taxpayer dollars international bailouts of corrupt regimes via the IMF No
Submitting to a radical international "free" trade regime that denies us the flexablity to adjust our trade relations on a bilateral basis to defend our full range of national interests (examples: NAFTA, WTO) No
Returning to a rational, national interest based foreign and trade policy that vigorously defends our sovereignty and full range of interests, while also respecting the sovereignty of other peaceful nations No
Maintaining our present levels of uncontrolled run amok immigration, both legal and illegal No
Reducing the total number of immigrants per year, both legal and illegal, to more reasonable and assimilable levels No
Expanding federal meddling and control over the education of our children (examples: Goals 2000, School to Work, National Testing, Punishing "good" schools, Rewarding "bad" schools, etc.) No
Promoting bilingual education No
Returning control over the education of children to the states, local communities, and, most of all, parents Yes
Extending the corrupting influence of federal moneys, strings, and, ultimately, control to faith based institutions and private charities No
Hiring/contracting based on race/gender/preferred sexual perversion No
Maintaining Clinton's "Don't ask, don't tell -- don't think" policy allowing gays to serve in the military No
Defending, without equivocation or apology, the rights of the unborn and commiting to appoint only judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade No/Yes
Whittling away our 2nd Amendment rights to appease media group think No
Restoring the rule of law, first, by bringing the Clinton gang to justice ?
Replacing the present tyrannical and invasive federal income tax system with the original, and once the only, constitutional system of federal taxation -- tarriffs, excises, imposts, and duties Yes
Locking the federal government back behind its constitutional cage, returning to the states and the people their full rights and liberty Yes